from one drop of water

Hundreds of drops can spring

You like my project?

Bring more joy and awareness into our lives!

It is my passion to gather knowledge and make it accessible to others, to connect people and to share my own experiences.

I put a lot of time and love in to this project. Since it gives me so much energy, I would like to pass something on to the rest of the world.

If you enjoy my project, and you think that more people could take something out of it, you can help me to encourage more of us to live an authentic and self-confident life. My goal is to bring more awareness, serenity, joy and self-esteem into our lives!

You are important!

VIVAMOTIONS is a free website that is mainly supported by its readers. With your support I can continue to present inspiring, motivating and mind-expanding content with VIVAMOTIONS.


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- In addition, you support me with any book or movie that you buy through my links on Amazon! These links are AfialeLinks of which I receive 5% advertising reimbursement per product!


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Further, you support a future project I am working on! I would like to offer "Adventure Trips" in different countries combined with "Mental Coaching"!


In the future I hope to meet you personally on an unforgettable journey!


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